Valley of Diamonds

About Diamond Valley House Rules
Apartment living has many great advantages (see eco living section) and can be a very enjoyable community focussed lifestyle.  However, given the close proximity of homes to one another, it is important to be sensitive to the needs of your neighbours and not to do anything in your apartment which may affect those in nearby homes.  For this reason, all modern apartment blocks have ‘rules’ to protect the rights of all residents to live enjoyably and without annoyance in their homes.

Apartments have to work in this way because so much of the space is shared, e.g. lobby, stairs, lifts, gardens, floors, ceilings, walls, gardens etc. A good book that explains clearly your rights and powers as an apartment owner in Ireland is “The Essential Guide to Apartment Living in Ireland” by Robert Gogan, available to buy online or in most good bookshops.

The House Rules are incorporated into the property deeds of each apartment in Diamond Valley and as such are legally enforceable.  Each property owner should consult his/her legal indenture, signed at the time of purchase, for a more detailed version of the rules. Where apartments are rented, tenants must be made aware of The House Rules by their landlords/ property owner.

If your neighbour is not complying with one or more of these rules, or if you require the agreement of the Management Company in relation to matters covered by any of the rules then please contact the Management Agent.



Recommended Book