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The Carlisle Grounds
The Carlisle Grounds, opened in 1860 and home since 1942 to Bray Wanderers FC, boasts of being the FAI club with the longest sporting history.

Designed by railway engineer William Dargan, who also built the railway, the Esplanade and half of Bray, the excellent draining properties of the pitch is said to be associated with the use of railway cinders (from the steam trains!) in the subbase.

Most of what you see above ground today dates from 1929 and is due to the efforts of the then resident club, Bray Unknowns who had played at the Grounds since 1910. The Unknowns built the main perimeter wall at Quinnsborough road as well as the terracing and roof over the ‘stand’ (usually called ‘the Shed’).

The best way to see the grounds is to buy match tickets. Otherwise, watch the film Michael Collins, which features the Carlisle Grounds as the location for the Bloody Sunday scene.

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William Dargan

William Dargan

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