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Energy Efficiency at Diamond Valley
Most apartments have less external wall and roof space than equivalent sized houses and are therefore naturally better insulated than houses. The apartments at Diamond Valley are insulated to a high standard and also incorporate as standard a number of additional measures that enhance energy efficiency.

  • Eco-friendly flueless gas fires have been installed in the living room of each apartment. A flueless gas fire converts 100% of the gas to heat unlike open coal effect fires which convert as little as 10%. Typically running costs are less than a third of the running cost of a conventional gas fire. A flueless gas fire makes a real contribution towards reducing global warming and lowers gas bills at the same time.
  • Motion activated lighting has been installed in stairwells and other common areas saving energy and helping keep costs down.
  • Timing switches have been installed on all immersion heaters, to assist residents in controlling the heating of water for those times when it is needed and to help homeowners avail of half price electricity heating.  Each timing switch has a ‘sink’ setting for targeted energy savings. Heating one full cylinder each day (normally 120 litres) takes about 2.5 hours to heat however, heating a smaller quantity (normally 40 litres) using the "sink" switch will cost about a third and take about 50 minutes to fully heat.
  • All apartments have double glazed windows.

Residents can make personal choices to conserve more energy (and save electricity costs).

  • Fitting a lagging jacket on your water cylinder.
  • Using energy efficient light bulbs.
  • Switching off lights in unoccupied rooms.
  • Using the ‘economy cycle’ on your washing machine/ dishwasher.
  • Only filling your kettle with the amount of water you need.
  • When not in use, switching appliances from ‘standby’ to ‘off’.
  • When replacing home appliances, buying ‘A Energy Rated’ models.
  • Fitting curtains on windows. Not only do they keep heat in, they also provide noise insulation (in both directions!).





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Energy Efficiency Recycling@DV Eco Transportation Biodiversity
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