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The Divil
"I'll meet you at the Divil" is a popular catchphrase in Bray. The ' Devil' in question is in fact a stone carving of a mythical half dragon, half serpent called a Wyvern. The creature sits, wings poised,at the top of the Main Street.

Wyverns are symbols of protection and, in the same way that he protected the trade of the old Market House and the Town Hall, the Wyvern continues to protect all trade in Bray.

He flew here from his rightful place on the family shield of the Brazabons, landlords of Bray, who in 1882 commissioned the drinking trough that hosts this winged beast and also the Town Hall behind him.

Bray Main Street 1927

Bray Main St. 1927, Watercolour by Lancelot Bayly (1869-1952); Original in Bray Public Library

French Fries with my Architecture
Chances are that if you tried eating chips in any of architect Thomas Deane's other buildings (Government Buildings, National Museum, National Library, 1937 Reading Room in Trinity College Dublin) you would be politely thrown out!

But in Bray we can admire our architecture while scoffing french fries and a Big Mac. The home of McDonalds in Bray is the Town Hall, built in 1882 as a Market House for hosting the buying and selling of locally grown produce.

Built by the local landlords, the Brabazons, the style was inspired by German market houses experienced by Reginald Brabazon (1841-1929), Lord Ardee, on his travels.

The building was intended to be used also as a Town Hall, hence the name, and an upstairs room is still retained for that purpose.

In 1997 the Town Council sold a longterm leasehold in the building and the leaseholders in turn rented the ground floor of the building to McDonalds.

So to experience a somewhat similar hustle and bustle of market days in 1800s Bray, grab a table and enjoy your fast food treat while gazing up into the amazing roof structure of the old Market House.

Mine's with ketchup please!

Town Hall Entrance Bray























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