Valley of Diamonds

The House Rules


Do nothing which shall be or may be or may become a nuisance or annoyance to the Management Company or owners or occupiers of other apartments or adjoining lands or premises.


Do not make noise at any time that causes annoyance to the owners or occupiers of neighbouring properties.

Do not cause noise that can be heard outside your own apartment between 12 midnight and 9a.m.

Do not affix or maintain an alarm system on the premises which causes or is liable to cause unreasonable disturbance to occupiers of other apartments.

External Appearance

Do not decorate the exterior or alter the external appearance of the building without the prior approval of the Management Company.

Do not erect any signposts or advertisements that are visible outside your property other than a ‘for sale’ or ‘to let’ sign, the location and design of which must be approved by the Management Company.

Do not hang clothes on your balcony so as to be visible from outside.

Do not shake mats, carpets or sheets from the balcony.

The consent of the Management Company is required to erect any external wireless or television aerial, satellite dish etc on the external wall of the premises.

Do not use or permit the apartment to be used for any purpose than a single private residence.

Inside your Apartment

Maintain the apartment in first class decorative order.

Do not keep on the premises any petrol motor spirit or other inflammable or explosive material or any other material which may render void or increase the cost of the insurance policy held by the Management Company.

Do not allow water or any other fluid leak from the premises.

Car Park and Common Areas

Only private or light commercial vehicles or motorcycles, the property of the owner or occupier or family member or visitor to the apartment, may be parked in the underground car park.

Do not dispose of any domestic waste other than in the bins provided by the Management Company.

Animals or Pets

Do not keep any bird or animal on the premises which in the opinion of the Management Company may cause unreasonable disturbance to neighbours.

Do not keep dogs of any kind on the premises.

Building Work

Do not make any structural alterations to the premises without the prior approval in writing of the Management Company.

Do not do anything to the apartment which may expose the apartment or other properties to any weight or strain in excess of that which it was designed to bear with due margin of safety.

In an emergency or for building maintenance purposes, the Directors of the Management Company have a right to arrange entry into your apartment.

Maintenance Charges

All apartment owners must pay maintenance charges in advance, to the sum calculated by the Management Agent on behalf of the Management Company.

Unpaid maintenance charges may attract interest.







No Noise




No Signs Without Permission



Permission needed for Satellite Dishes




No Explosives



Cars Only


No Dogs Allowed