Valley of Diamonds

What is the Management Company?
Every apartment owner in Diamond Valley is a shareholder of the Diamond Cottage Management Company, a registered company. A Board of Directors has been elected by the shareholders to manage the company.  The current directors of the Diamond Cottage Management Company are:

Des O' Hare
Geoff Walker
Mark Doyle

All of the board directors are apartment owners within the Diamond Valley development.

Individual directors may be contacted through the Diamond Valley Management Agent appointed by the board of directors: O' Farrell Property Management, 1 The Forge, Bakers Corner, Rochestown Avenue, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. Telephone: 01 2360094.


Duties of the Management Company.

The Diamond Cottage Management Company, through the elected directors, has responsibility for:

1. Maintenance of the property including repairs, renewals and cleaning;

2. The administration of the Management Company including legal matters, insurance and control of the accounts; and

3. The enforcement of the House Rules and other owners ' obligations under their Leases including payment of Maintenance Charges.

The Management Company is obligated to hold an Annual General Meeting, attended by apartment owners (shareholders) at which, among other issues, the audited Company Accounts are discussed and approved and the maintenance charge for the following year is set.

The Management Company at Diamond Valley has established within the company accounts a 'sinking fund' to cover the cost of long-term expenditure and refurbishment, including periodic painting of common areas and external walls, roof maintenance, landscape capital expenditure and other refurbishment eventualities.

The Management Company has one employee, the on-site Maintenance Manager for the development.

Who is the Management Agent?

The Management Company has appointed O’ Farrell Property Management to administer the day-to-day operations of the company, under the guidance and direction of the Management Company directors. The contact details for O’ Farrell Property Management are:

O' Farrell Property Management Limited
1 The Forge, Bakers Corner,
Rochestown Avenue
Dun Laoghaire,
Co. Dublin.

Tel: 00353 (0)1 2360094
Fax: 00353 (0)1 2360093
24 Hour Emergency Service 087-2616261


The Property Manager appointed by O' Farrells to manage the day to day operations at Diamond Valley is Ms. Jennie Bray.


Duties of the Management Agent.

Responsibility for the development lies with the owners of the apartments (company shareholders) through their elected directors. The Management Agents are professional property management contractors appointed by the Board of Directors to assist them in meeting the obligations of the Diamond Cottage Management Company.

The principal services supplied by the Management Agent O' Farrells include:

1. Preparation of Service Charges / Maintenance Charges.

2. Monitoring of all payment invoices for creditors.

3. Monitoring of all accounts, reconciling accounts and liaising with accountants for the annual audit of company accounts.

4. Service Charge Billing and liquidity reviews.

5. Handling insurance claims and liaising with loss adjusters and insurance brokers on behalf of residents, owners and directors.

6. Onsite inspections by the Property Manager.

7. Appointing contractors and maintaining the common areas and grounds.

8. Appointing contractors for general repairs.

9. Corresponding with residents, owners and directors by telephone, email and in writing.

10. Attendance at committee meetings and Annual General Meetings.

11. Full organisation of company AGMs.

12. Ensuring lease obligations, House Rules and covenants are obeyed.

13. Provision of 24 hour Emergency Line.

14. Liaison with Bray Town Council with regard to planning issues.








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