Diamond Valley

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Eco Transportation
Located within walking and cycling distance of shops, services, sports and the centre of Bray town, close to LUAS and DART and directly on a bus route, Diamond Valley residents can easily avail of the most eco-friendly forms of travel.

The Valley of the Diamonds is a good place to cycle from, indeed the place has a strong connection with the sport. R J Mecredy (1861-1924), 19th Century cycling pioneer and world record holder, lived in the Valley of Diamonds at Vallombrosa, from where he edited editions of the Irish Cyclist Magazine. These days, the tradition of competitive cycling in the Valley is continued by the Bray Wheelers, who regularly cycle by the gates of Diamond Valley, in Mecredy’s slipstream, so to speak.

Bray Sorting Office

Even our post gets delivered by bicycle! Bray Sorting Office 2010.

The 185 bus route from Bray railway station to Enniskerry has a stop directly in front of the Diamond Valley apartments. This bus links with the Dart train (Malahide – Dublin –Greystones) which in turn links with other countrywide train routes. The 185 bus also stops in the centre of Bray, from which there are connecting bus routes to a host of places including Dublin City Centre (45), Heuston Station (145) and University College Dublin (84). For a list of bus routes see our contact page.

For car users, access to the M11 and M50 motorways is within 300m from the Diamond Valley underground car-park. Motorway driving at optimum ‘eco-speeds’ is far more fuel efficient than normal inter-urban driving. Diamond Valley residents are reminded that the most fuel efficient driving speed recommended by modern car manufacturers is 90 kmph (56 mph)!


Bray train crashes at Harcourt St. Station 1900

The 9.55 train from Bray crashed through the wall of Harcourt St. Station, Dublin in the year 1900; Today's Bray travellers can travel by the modern electric DART train.

Champion Cyclist RJ Mecredy

19th Century World Champion Cyclist RJ Mecredy, lived in Valley of Diamonds, Bray.


Dublin Bus

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