Diamond Valley

The Valley of Diamonds
The Valley of Diamonds is an old name for the part of the Dargle Valley that lies between The People’s Park and the end of the Dargle Road at the N11. The Diamond Valley apartments are located about half way along the Valley of Diamonds and the name of the apartments retains the spirit of the old address. The name Diamond Valley appears on an 1821 map of Bray and is thought to have been in use hundreds of years ago.

The origin of the name is unknown but is thought by some people to be connected to the presence centuries ago of a very different kind of ‘diamond’, perhaps the natural freshwater pearl, or the 'Wicklow Diamond', a rock crystal resembling a diamond, both of which were prized for jewellery making in former times.

A simpler explanation may well be that the name comes from the beautiful sparkle of the water in the Dargle River as it catches the sunlight or the glistening of quartz crystals in the local granite stone.

The beautiful Valley of Diamonds with its scenery of mountains, woodland and river, features in Wicklow travel books since the early 1800s.


Map of Bray and Diamond Valley by William Duncan 1821





View of the Dargle and Sugarloaf Mountains, artist unknown, 1805.