Diamond Valley

A Day in Bray
Come with us on a stroll around the streets and shops of Bray.

Molloys Tea Rooms and Bakery Quinnsborough Road Bray, Co. Wicklow

Walking into town from Diamond Valley, passing under the leafy shade of the old chestnut trees planted in 1872 along the edge of the People’s Park, saunter over the Dargle Bridge, linger a bit on Main St and then amble down stately Quinnsborough Road or Florence Road towards the seafront, and you will have come across some really good merchandise.

Quinnsborough Road, Bray. Co. Wicklow

Cafes, restaurants, craft butchers and bakers, bookshops, vegetable shops and other niche suppliers including specialist chocolate and Italian ice-cream shops.  The tradition of authentic  ice-cream in Bray can be traced back to at least the 1930s when Morellis sold their ices on Bray promenade.

It is a ‘fact’ that the best hot chocolate in Ireland is served in a little italian cafe on the Quinnsborough Road. Bray has a strong Italian culinary community and boasts more than one high standard regional Italian Restaurant, Italian Cafes and a great Italian delicatessen.

Town Hall Bookshop Florence Road Bray, Co. Wicklow

The Chinese community also serves us well with their cuisine, and close to the Railway Station, you will find a small collection of Chinese food shops. Bray is also home to an excellent Polish supermarket, with all nationalities enjoying their delicious crusty bread. The town has wonderful Irish bakeries, craft butchers stocking prized local Wicklow Lamb and Beef, great vegetable shops and a fine fishmongers. Selling fish in Bray carries with it a prized heritage - the fifth President of Ireland, Cearbhall O' Dalaigh, was the son of a Bray Fishmonger and was born in 1911 above his father's shop on 85 Main St, now a Chinese Restaurant.

Arcade Fish Shop Bray

Speaking of fish, the very best place to experience fish and chips is from some of the ‘chippers’ close to Bray Seafront. The seafront is also home to a bustling ‘strip’ of bars, full of music, comedy acts and other atmosphere at night, and the source of good ‘pub lunches’ and even home brewed beer during the day. Check out the Bray pub scene here. And during the summer season the promenade is alive with visitors taking in the healthy sea air, candyfloss and seaside amusements.

The town also has some good clothes and shoe shops, for all ages and both genders. And if you need something repaired, there’s a cobbler and a tailor both located close to the Main St.

Milano Florence Rd Bray Co. Wicklow Florist, Main St. Bray, Co. Wicklow

Bray benefits from low parking charges, making it an altogether more attract proposition for a day’s shopping than many of the larger urban centres nearby. The traditional shopfronts are a sight to see and the shopkeepers are friendly, remembering a returning customer. And after a day’s shopping and eating you might just get to see a film or show at the town’s modern Mermaid Theatre. What more could you want? And it’s just a short walk, bus or taxi ride back to Diamond Valley.

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