57th Leinster Motor Club Vintage Car Rally – Bray Seafront

The 57th Leinster Motor Club Veteran, Vintage and Classic Car Rally sets off from Bray on Sunday 10th July



Make your way down to Bray Seafront at 10am on Sunday 10th July, where vintage, classic and veteran cars (and their appropriately attired occupants!) will congregate at the Bandstand before starting on their 55 mile drive through Co. Wicklow, returning to Windgates in the afternoon.
Diamond Valley has its own historic associations with the motor car- our own RJ Mecredy (known as Arjay to his friends) who lived most of his life at Vallombrosa in the Valley of Diamonds is considered to be ‘the father of Irish motoring’.

 In July 1901, Arjay led the first organised tour of motor cars in Ireland, starting at Dublin’s Shelbourne Hotel and finishing at Killaloe, Co. Clare. But the Diamond Valley man was not short of stamina and both he and another motoring pioneer Dr Colohan, both driving Daimlers, continued onto Limerick and Kerry.

 It was the first time automobiles had travelled into that remote and beautiful corner of Ireland and the trip was considered to be a very considerable achievement on the roads of the time.

Mecredy drove to his heaven in 1924 but do keep an ear out on Sunday morning for the ghost of his 6 horsepower Daimler, roaring down Love Lane (or Blind lane as he would have known it), his route from Vallombrosa to Bray Seafront.


The first car of the 57th Leinster Motor Club Rally will depart at 11.00a.m. and thereafter the cars will leave at 1 minute intervals. Expect to see lots of period costume, furs, plus fours etc – and there will be prizes for the best ensemble.

The participants will stop for a picnic at Avondale House, Rathdrum before continuing on to Belmont Demesne, Windgates where the main ‘concours’ section will be judged. Prizegiving  will be at 5.30pm including presentation of the Dudley Colley Memorial Cup.

The 57th Rally is sponsored by Patrick O’Kelly Ltd., Bray. All profits from car entry fees donated to Wicklow Hospice Foundation. Cars over 20 years old are eligible and pre-war cars are actively encouraged. Entries must be received not later then 6th July 2011. Entry form available on www.leinstermotorclub.ie

Read about the historic Valley of Diamonds here http://diamondvalley.ie/ValleyOfTheDiamonds.HTML 

You can read a tiny bit more about RJ Mecredy, who was also a world champion cyclist here: http://diamondvalley.ie/Transportation.html. Also, the Town Hall Bookshop on Florence Road in Bray stocks a couple of modestly priced books about the Valley of Diamonds’ motoring hero.


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