Bray’s Valley of Diamonds in Bloom

Buddlia in flower on the banks of the River Dargle at the Valley of Diamonds, Bray, Co. Wicklow.

Walking out from Bray along the Dargle Road at the moment is a little bit of pleasure.

The People’s Park is at its leafy best and the part of the Valley of Diamonds across from the Diamond Valley Apartments is positively bursting with new growth. There is so much lilac coloured buddlia (or butterfly bush) that the Valley could be renamed Butterfly Valley

Keep an eye out for the giant eucalyptus tree at the head of Love Lane / Blind Lane. One of the biggest trees in the valley, its white flowers are in full bloom at the moment.

A native of Australia, it is Ireland’s fastest growing tree, known to reach heights of 50m. This one seems very happy in its location, and this year survived an extremely harsh winter that claimed others of the species.  

Although outside the garden of the Diamond Valley apartments, its giant profile provides an impressive backdrop to our own planting.

And if the sight alone isn’t enough to lift your spirits, the aroma from eucalyptus leaves, when rubbed between your fingers, will cure all ills!


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The editor of this diary lives in Diamond Valley, Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Diamond Valley is a modern apartment community in the old setting of the Valley of Diamonds, alongside the river Dargle. Contact
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