Construction Work in River Dargle

Sweet Horse Chestnuts in bloom along River Dargle at People's Park, May 2011

June 4th 2011 update on this post which was first published on 6th May.

According to Bray Town Council, the commencement of this project has been delayed due to tendering issues. Keep an eye on Diamond Diary for further updates.

6th May Post below:

Major works in the Dargle River are expected to commence within a few weeks. The objective of the project, which will cost €28 million, is to substantially reduce the risk of flooding to the Little Bray/ People’s Park area and Bray Town. Although the lands where the Diamond Valley Apartments are sited are not recorded as being at risk of flooding in the various studies accompanying this project, neighbouring properties including those further along the Dargle Road, People’s Park and into central Bray have had an unfortunate flooding history. The last major flood was during Hurricane Charlie in 1986 when a large tree floated down the swollen river, blocked the bridge at Castle St, leading to the river overtopping at the People’s Park and resulting in widespread flooding.

The River Dargle Flood Defence Scheme was approved by An Bord Pleanala in August 2008. The project involves regrading of the river and strengthening/ profiling of the river bank to improve flow characteristics. From project commencement to completion will take approximately 18 months. Works are expected to commence at La Vallee and move towards the sea.

The main base of the contractors will be on the lands across the river from Diamond Valley. Substantial works are to be carried out to the river in this area. The river channel will be widened by 20m (on the far side of the bank from us) and the bed of the river will be deepened by up to 1.5m over a distance of 1000m. A ‘Debris Trap’ is to be constructed in the river bed behind the Rivervale Apartments. This will consist of 12 concrete elliptical shaped columns approximately 1.6m (5ft) high spaced 0.5m apart across the river channel. This structure (which will not be seen from Diamond Valley) is considered essential for trapping any trees or other objects which may flow down the river in flood conditions.

Reed beds will be planted along the newly regraded river bed, as well as willow trees and other species considered suitable to create a new ecological habitat. Bray Town Council assures residents that timing and phasing of the works will be in a manner to protect wildlife along the river and to minimise disruption to residents.

Information about the project, including a full copy of the Environmental Impact Statement, is available on the website of Bray Town Council I have also attached a link to the photomontages prepared by the Council’s engineers to compare how the river looks before the works with how it is planned to look afterwards . Pages 13, 14, 15, 16 of the photomontages illustrate the changes planned for the river in the vicinity of Diamond Valley. On page 16, the proposed ‘Debris Trap’ is just visible behind the Riverdale complex. This is a ‘Design and Build’ contract which means that some of the details may change between now and construction, but not substantially. The contractor has yet to be formally appointed.

Bray Town Council has agreed to keep this website regularly updated with news of the project as it progresses.


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