Feed the Wild Birds at Diamond Valley

Bird Feeding Station in the Garden of Diamond Valley Apartments, Bray.

Our feathered friends at Diamond Valley got through a very harsh winter with a bit of help from the four bird feeding stations in the apartments’ gardens. The birds don’t really need human help to find food during the summer months, but it is a good method of encouraging them into the garden – the birdsong is great. Any resident in Diamond Valley who wants to top up the bird feeders from time to time with wild bird food (available from Woodies DIY, the pet shop on Florence Road and pet shop at Southern Cross, amongst others), please go ahead and do so.So far we have seen robins, blue-tits, thrushes, chaffinches, feeding from our stations. Sometimes big magpies try so hard to get their beaks into the feeders that they almost knock them off the trees so beware!

If you haven’t spotted them, there are two bird feeders on the birch tree outside the groundfloor door into the Maples, one on a silver birch tree outside the Elms, one on the small ash tree at the front of the Cedars (this one is for suet balls) and finally there is one on the sycamore tree at the front of the Willows. So far the cats haven’t been able to get at them so their locations are probably safe enough.


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The editor of this diary lives in Diamond Valley, Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Diamond Valley is a modern apartment community in the old setting of the Valley of Diamonds, alongside the river Dargle. Contact editor@diamondvalley.ie
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