Letter from Bray Town Council about Dargle Flood Relief

Dear all,

Bray Town Council intend to undertake further tree clearance along the
riverbanks opposite La Vallee and Riverdale Apartments extending down towards the Halting Site at the N11. This work is required to minimise the
impact of flooding and to facilitate the River Dargle Flood Defence Scheme.

The work involves clearing trees over a distance of 370m downstream from the Halting Site entrance for a maximum horizontal distance of about 6m from the river edge on the eastern bank.

The Works are due to commence on Monday 19th September 2011 and is programmed to be completed before the end of September. The timing of the works has been carefully scheduled to minimise impacts on both Wildlife and the Fishery habitats.

Bray Town Council are liaising with Inland Fisheries Ireland on this matter and all work will be done in accordance with an agreed Management Plan.

In the coming weeks Bray Town Council also intend on carrying out routine maintenance works at the Slang to de-silt the River at this location. All updates will be included on the Council’s website www.braytowncouncil.ie.

Kind Regards,

Amy O’Farrell
Town Clerks Office

[Note from Editor – Thanks to Anne Ferris TD and Cllr David Grant who both forwarded this letter to Diamond Diary. The above letter states that the works to be carried out this September will facilitate the proposed River Dargle Flood Defence Scheme , which is now not due to commence properly until at least next year. This scheme is designed to protect against future flooding of our neighbours in Little Bray and further up the Dargle Road towards Bray.]


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