New Bray Town Council Laws to Ban Scrambling Bikes

Bray Town Council is banning the use of vehicles on public lands including Bray Head and Rehill Lands in the Valley of Diamonds

The signs have already gone up.

Bray Town Council has introduced new laws to ban the use of motorised vehicles including noisey scrambling bikes, on public lands in Bray. The new laws, which are currently in a phase of public consultation, will ban scramblers from Bray Head, all public parks, open spaces and areas to which the public has access by right. The ban will cover Rehills Land, which is the piece of the Valley of Diamonds located directly across the Dargle River from the Diamond Valley apartments.

The new laws will allow the Gardai or any person authorised by Bray Town Council, who suspects that motorised vehicles are being used illegally in these areas to do the following:

1. Demand a person to provide his/her name and address.

2. Without warrant, seize, remove and store any motorised vehicle including any vehicle or trailer used to transport off-road vehicles.

3. Apply an on-the-spot fine of €50

Under the draft legislation, seized vehicles are subject to a release fee of €100 plus a daily storage fee of €10. Cases taken to court may result in a fine of €2,000.

Submissions or observations relating to the Draft Bylaws may be made in writing to the Town Clerk on or before 5.00pm on Friday 12th August 2011. A copy of the document ‘Bray Town Council Regulation, Control and Use of Motorised Vehicles including Off-Road Vehicles’  is available on the home page of the Town Council website . Do make your views known to the Town Council - even if you fully support the new legislation as currently drafted – that’s how democracy works.

The new legislation will protect wildlife in Bray and allow residents living near publicly owned open spaces to maintain their right to quiet enjoyment of their homes without the threat of noise nuisance from scrambler bicycles.

A big thank you to Deputy Anne Ferris TD, Cllr David Grant (Chairman of Bray Town Council), Bray Garda and the officials of Bray Town Council for all their hard work in contributing towards and/or drafting these regulations.


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