No more Blind Lane in Bray

Airtricity lines team working on new Public Lighting along Blind Lane / Love Lane, Bray

Airtricity line staff have been working hard over the past week or so, erecting new public lighting along Love Lane. At the moment, during the longest days of the year, and brightest evenings, we won’t fully appreciate the effect, but come the winter, residents who frequently use the Love Lane entrance to Diamond Valley Apartments should find life a whole lot brighter.

The old name for Love Lane was Blind Lane, named after the darkness that accompanied the effect of large overhanging trees that over 100 years ago lined both sides of the lane. This Diary posted a charming little tale about an incident that happened in the laneĀ at the beginning of the last century – if you didn’t catch it the first time you can read about it here –

Well, with our stylish new streetlights, it seems like Blind Lane won’t be blind any more!

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